Grandfather Clock Company

Located in central Ohio in uptown Westerville, outside of Columbus, on 8 East Main St. We offer a unique shopping experience: whether you are looking for the perfect clock to finish your home’s decor or finding quality repair for your treasured heirloom, we are your solution. We offer a wide variety of products such as: Westminster Time, Howard Miller and cuckoo clocks,. From production line to custom made pieces, we are certain to be able to provide a clock for you or repair your existing clock.

1974 was certainly an eventful year, the Dow closed at 616, gas was .55 cents a gallon, new cars averaged $3,750.00 to buy, 55 mph was the new speed limit, and the Alaskan pipeline started construction.

In Worthington, Ohio, a new company was conceived: the best customer service, the best product, and the best trained staff. This company was and is the Grandfather Clock Company. Our roots started with a simple desire to be different in regards to how the customer is treated.

Far too many companies ignore the importance of customer service. Unfortunately, most focus on profit and the bottom line. Our focus is providing you an unparalleled experience from start to finish. Simply stated, your satisfaction is our only goal. When purchasing a new clock or having a clock repaired, you are treated the same regardless whether the bill is $25.00 or $25,000.00.

Call us with any questions!  614-895-742033

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